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Well, It’s You Girl, and You Should Know It

It was 1992. I was 23 year olds. I had moved from San Diego to New York City a few months before. The day was bright and cold, particularly to this California girl. I had just secured a job after months of searching and had made a few friends. I was crossing a busy street – all these years later I don’t remember which street. Maybe Park Avenue and something in the 60’s. I lived on 67th Street on the East Side. I felt particularly buoyant and hopeful about the future. I was giggling with my new co-worker and friend about who knows what. I stopped in the middle of the street, cabs flying by, people giving me dirty looks, tossed my knit cap into the air and cried out, “I’m gonna make it after all!” That part I remember like it was yesterday.



My good friend, Kate, would love for you to share your hat-tossing moment with her over on Work Stew:

Have you ever have had a Mary-Tyler-Moore-hat-tossing-“you’re gonna make it after all” moment? If so, send please describe it to me in a short email (kate@workstew.com) and I’ll include it in a compilation I’m pulling together.

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