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_MG_0276-EditMom to 3 girls. Wife. Writer. Blogger. Social Media Guru. Lover of martinis, dessert and 4-letter words.  I moved to Bainbridge Island after discovering it on the Internet.  It’s turned out to be all I hoped it would be and more.

I’m a work in progress. Trying to become a better person, mom, wife, writer.

I love my crazy kids, my husband and my life.  Even so, I find I need meds, booze and a dose of trash TV now and again.

I am a freelance writer and have been featured in many publications including Bainbridge Island Magazine, Real Moms Guide at SheKnows.com and InsideBainbridge. Follow me on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.

Bittman-1005I’m also a social media consultant working with several companies as their social media manager. I help organizations and individuals build social media platforms to market businesses, events and creative endeavors.  I can teach you to maximize your marketing efforts through social media; develop a social media marketing strategy for your company, and provide the social media support you need.

If you have thoughts, comments, or questions to share with me,
please to contact me at the below address and I will get back to you.