When I was a kid we wore green on St. Patrick’s Day. That was it and that continued to be the it until about 4 years ago when we moved up here. That’s when I found out that if you leave your shoes out the leprechauns will put candy or cookies in them (gross, right? I mean have you seen/smelled the inside of a kid’s shoe?!)

week-11-leprecaun-loot1Photo Credit The Crafty Pickle


Now the kids are making elaborate, hours-long in the making, intricate leprechaun traps and there is some sort of city ordinance which states all parents MUST leave candy, gold, fairy dust and a $5 bill inside the trap for your kids. Even if you aren’t Irish.  (Ok,there’s a wee bit of Irish on my side and Big Daddy is about 1/4 Irish, but come on! Is this Jim Crow? One drop of Irish blood and you’re Irish?)

trap 4Photo Credit First Grade Chatter

Oh and of course there is the fucking Pinterest with all its fab St. Patrick’s ideas for your little one. Just go to hell already. Seriously. It’s bad enough I’ve got the Tooth Fairy jacking up the level of payment for a baby tooth no one wants and Easter has turned into another Christmas (which I flat-out refuse to do! If it’s not candy, fake grass or the size of my palm, it’s not going in your basket!), I’m NOT doing this whole leprechaun traps and goodies in the morning routine.

Bah humbug to that mess!

Tell me, did you do it up for your kids this St. Patrick’s Day? Be honest, I can take it. 

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2 Responses to Kiss Me I’m Trish

  1. Alissa says:

    We totally forgot about it. The kids wear unifoms to school so wearing green didn’t even cross my mind. I’ve got purple on today. I guess I still have time to pick up a brisket on the way home from work.

  2. KL Hallis says:

    Neat post! I agree that the Internet and Pinterest are putting most of us to shame. However, you don’t know how long people spend on the masterpieces we see on Pinterest. If your kids have fun, get a little treat and a big hug from Mom, they are extremely lucky!