Hey, Mamas (and non-mamas)! How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was good! I started the day with breakfast in bed and yoga class.  Got some beautiful handmade gifts from the girls, salted caramel fudge and a fancy pen from Big Daddy.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge.  Where Jemima kept saying “This is SO MUCH fun!”; the big girls couldn’t get enough of the tsunami pool and water slides; Big Daddy went down something known as Howlin Tornado (I’m way to pussy for that. I stuck to the River Canyon Run) and a woman with an amazing body told me how great I looked in my swimsuit! She said it was supportive and my boobs looked good and it nipped in at my waist and was very sexy.

I went to see The Full Monty at our local theater with my friend, Wendy. It was a hoot! Loved it.

Wrote a little something for this.

Interviewed a local celebrity for an article I am writing for a new magazine on the island.

Working on a guest post.

Yoga, fudge, martinis, books and trash TV. (Feeding my body, mind and spirit)

Asleep by 10pm.  Up at 6am.

Hold me.



6 Responses to What’s Been Going On

  1. avatar Jenny says:

    What a great day you had! I definitely enjoyed my Mother’s Day too and for me, it is the most memorable one.. I am glad you enjoyed yours!
    Jenny recently posted..I Am LanguageMy Profile

  2. avatar Trish says:

    Jenny, what made it the most memorable Mother’s Day for you?

  3. avatar Melisa says:

    Love that you went to GWL for MD! I love that place. Wish they offered full-body Purel sanitizer soaks, though. Did I tell you about the time we took O to GWL and one day in, they shut the entire kiddy pool side down due to a biohazard? One proverbial turd in the punch bowl can sure be a buzz kill for everyone. I’m thinking of taking J to Full Monty. I love your “hold me” line. LOL’ed several times.

  4. avatar Trish says:

    I’m no officially in love with GWL. I wish we could go once a month! I’m all about building up your immune system – what’s a little biohazard? Toughen up, kids! You MUST go to the Full Monty. Seriously. If I weren’t so cheap I’d see it a second time with Big Daddy. It’s that good.

  5. avatar donna says:

    Wow that was some Mother’s day! Mine didn’t go as well so I did this today instead


    How’s that for a day and a mom?
    donna recently posted..THIS AIN’T FOXY LOXYMy Profile

  6. avatar Melisa says:

    Will we be enjoying a Girl Scout camp-out play-by-play-with-visuals soon??
    Melisa recently posted..gorgonzola stuffed date night.My Profile

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