I’m busy. And I’m sleep-deprived. And I’m sort of losing my mind (Totally. I’m totally losing my mind).  I keep summoning people to me (and by ‘people’ I mean my husband and children) and then when they arrive (10 seconds later), I cannot for the life of me remember what I wanted to tell or ask them (to do for me).  Jesus. I know I’m not 23, but I’m not 83 either.

I have a couple writing deadlines. (Yay, me!) (One of which is paying me actual cash money!) I also have 3 kids with full schedules of their own, a busy husband and not enough time in the day.

All this to say: I’ll see you early next week. Have a fantastic Mother’s Day. Don’t let those little shits ruin it for you.

Peace, out.

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4 Responses to I’m WORKING

  1. Nope, can’t relate to this at all ;) Happy Mother’s Day to you, too…hope you figured out the gift stuff.
    Christine@TheAums recently posted..Can’t We Just End Mean?My Profile

  2. avatar Jhenny says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of us! I just hope that people would pay tribute to all moms on that special day..
    Jhenny recently posted..Vacation TravelingMy Profile

  3. avatar donna says:

    At least when they’re summoned, do you remember their names?
    donna recently posted..MOTHER’S DAY IDEASMy Profile

  4. avatar Born27 says:

    Been there and done that too! It’s so hard to cope things when it’s already deadline.. Even your eyes is saying “sleep”, your mind is telling you “don’t”..
    Born27 recently posted..Small Business Phone ServicesMy Profile

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