Somehow this picture, taken outside the library, perfectly captures the personalities of each of my girls.

Nita calmly reading a book, completely oblivious to her sisters’ shenanigans. Zeta making sure I’m looking at her while she tries to throw herself onto the tree branch with a rip in her jeans. Jemima swinging like a monkey with a sticker clutched in her mouth.

They’re all nuts.


6 Responses to Three Little Monkeys

  1. avatar Lisel says:

    What a great picture!

  2. avatar Sarah says:

    LOVE this! They are adorable. :)

  3. avatar Trish says:

    Thanks, girls!

  4. I don’t think words can describe how FREAKING cute this picture is! Your girls look so fierce and brave up there in the tree! That’s definitely one to frame and display.
    Jadzia@Toddlerisms recently posted..I Love A GOOD Tourist TrapMy Profile

  5. avatar donna says:

    OMG I can tell their personalities and I’ve never met them. I’d frame this one…Priceless!
    donna recently posted..FREE ME FROM THE GHETTO WITHINMy Profile

  6. avatar Trish says:

    Thanks, Donna and Jadzia! I am planning on framing this one. :)
    Trish recently posted..Three Little MonkeysMy Profile

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