Today I am linking up with Nicole‘s Listable Life and listing 5 things I wish I had the guts to do. They are, in no particular order:

1.  Take a cruise   I know what you’re thinking: what part of going on a cruise requires guts?  Well, you see I am one of  those people that gets horribly motion sick. On boats, planes, in cars . . . I always get sick. I have to take Dramamine to fly any distance or sail any further than on the ferry between Bainbridge and Seattle or when driving for longer than an hour – especially if driving in the mountains.  However, my motion sickness affliction has gotten better as I’ve gotten older and there are so many new medicines I can take. Someone is always recommending something to me when I mention why I can’t take a cruise. I just wish I had the balls to go for it and see if I could actually survive a cruise without  puking. I’m afraid I’ll feel horrible for most, if not all of the trip. And if you have never suffered from seasickness let me just say, it’s just about the worst feeling in the world.

2.  Take a class in something that is out of my comfort zone Improv, acting, painting or photography. Something creative that doesn’t have anything to do with writing. But every time I think about taking such a class (and there have been a couple times recently), I hear a voice in my head saying, “You can’t do that! You will sputter and freeze and turn 30 shades of red! If you try to paint or create something it will turn out to be crap and everyone will think you suck.” I wish I had the balls to shut that voice down. Tell her to fuck off.

3. Vlog I have been talking about putting videos on my blog for at least a year now.  The (one-sided) conversation always goes like this: “I’m going to start making videos for my blog. My stories are so funny, but what makes them so funny is the funny way I tell them and my voice inflections. I’m totally going to do that! Maybe I’ll start a vlog series or something.” And then? I don’t. I will read up on how to vlog; go to a presentation on vlogging at blog conferences. And then, I do nothing.  I’m afraid I won’t really come across that funny or be as  natural in front of the camera as I am when I’m just speaking to friends. Also? I’m sooooo lazy. I don’t want to have to figure out the lighting and the camera crap and put on make up and brush my hair. Lord, that sounded really bad. I should just get my shit together and get on this. I totally would if I weren’t so afraid I’ll look an ass.

4. Cancel cable I have been talking and thinking about this a lot lately. The cable bill is out of control! Not to mention my TV line up. I watch too much, y’all.  But the thought of going without Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Big Brother, The Good Wife, etc, etc, etc gives me the shakes. I know, I know! I can stream shows on Netflix or Redu or Hulu or all 3! And still won’t be paying anywhere near what I am for cable. I just don’t know. I’m scared, you guys. I wish I had the guts to pull the plug on Comcast. Anyone out there watch a lot of TV like me and successfully pull the plug on cable?

5. Live in a foreign Country Big Daddy has wanted to do this for years. Awhile ago he had a serious bug up his ass to move us all to New Zealand. I just absolutely flat out refuse. I have a litany of reasons, but really they could all easily be shot down. I’m sure it would be an amazing experience. Not only for me, but for the girls. And I know from leaving San Diego for New York City, what it can do for you to get a new perspective and broaden your horizons. I can’t imagine the  benefits of submerging yourself in another country’s culture. But, I’m scared. Scared of starting over with making friends; finding work; how it will effect the kids. Maybe when they are all grown Big Daddy and I can retire to Paris.

What do you wish you had the guts to do?

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14 Responses to No Guts No Glory

  1. Donna May says:

    i wish I had to guts to get married again. I’m scared I won’t be able to live with another man again and we’ll end up hating each other and I don’t EVER want to go through another divorce.
    {#1 Use the seabands (elastic wrist bands)}

  2. Trish says:

    I used those bands for nausea when I was pg with #3. Do they really work on cruise ships? Hmmmm. I gotta grow some balls!

    Give yourself some time. You’ll have the courage to get married again when you are secure in your relationship.

  3. I totally am afraid to vlog! I’m thinking about having a vlog without makeup thing this summer, but don’t know if I have the guts!

  4. Matt says:

    Big Brother (US version) and The Good Wife are free via antenna. Free TV still exists in the US. It is in crystal clear HD and 5.1 channel surround sound. Free for the tuning.

  5. Trish says:

    Matt, I don’t know if an antenna could survive the winds on this little island. I might give it a go, however. Thanks!

    Missy, we should buddy up and encourage each other to vlog!

  6. Get on a plane without taking anti-anxiety meds!

  7. Trish says:

    Jadzia, Big Daddy hates to fly and drinks before and during every flight. We flew from LA to Bangkok and I thought he was going to have a panic attack. He had taken a xanax and drank a bottle of wine – during the flight – and was still upright and gripping the armrest 20 hours later.

  8. My husband gets motion sick…so he joined the Navy (I swear, he’s really smart, I don’t know why he didn’t join a branch where he wouldn’t be puking his brains out during deployment or any normal underway). He says that it usually lasts 24 hours and if he can sleep that first 8 hours it doesn’t happen at all because whatever it is that makes him sick gets acclimated. Big ships don’t list back and forth as much either, which I guess makes a difference (says my sometimes motion sick while driving husband).

  9. Trish says:

    I’m just so scared! Everyone says that about big ships and it’s true I’ve only been on smaller boats. Maybe one day I’ll get the nerve. It would be such a fun family vacation. As long as I don’t spend the entire time puking or crying about puking.

  10. wendy says:

    Audition for a play.

  11. Trish says:

    Wendy, I”m going to encourage you to do that! :-)

  12. JR says:

    I suggest keeping cable and trying some of the new reality shows on bravo.

  13. I Vlogged on two occasions and so I understand you trepidation – it’s actually not so bad! It does take time to edit though. Just make sure you use good lighting – natural sunlight is best – so vlog in front of a window.I’ve thought about quitting cable because I can watch TV shows online, but I can’t multi-task as easily that way.:-) Thanks for linking up!!

  14. Trish says:

    Nicole, I think I just need to make myself do the vlog! I’m sure Big Daddy would help with lighting and editing. And the same with canceling cable. I just have to do it. I think I would be fine – it’s just so scary!