Let me just start right off by saying I am not a fan of the science fair. And this year it is the bane of my existence. Here’s the thing: I don’t enjoy participating in this type of thing. I never did as a student (I don’t ever remember a science fair at any school I attended, but I’m sure there had to have been one. This just demonstrates my level of interest in this crap), and I certainly don’t dig it now, as a parent.

So last year when they expressed an interest when the announcement was made at school, I just hung back and followed their lead. I neither encouraged nor discouraged.  They decided it was too much work and not enough fun and didn’t participate. Yay! But then, the day of the science fair they were bummed out. And of course, blamed me. In order to avoid that sort of meltdown and the guilt I felt for not wanting to do the work myself, I encouraged them to do a project this year. And encouraged Big Daddy to handle everything.

Well, they were all gung ho to pick a topic and get some books at the library, but when it came to the actual work, not so much. Now, possibly this is where I am a bad parent, or I should have handled this differently. But you see, we are not those parents that want to do a lot of the work for our kid’s school projects. Yes, a family project is an option and I see nothing wrong with that at all. We do not take this stance because we believe it is better for the kids to do all the work. No, we take this stance because we don’t want to do jack shit. We’ll drive you to the library, help you to look up your research online, explain how to write a report in your own words (as opposed to cutting and pasting off the internet) and we’ll tell you how rockin your project is. But that’s all.

Also? One kid has softball practice twice a week and a game once a week. There is homework and Daisy meetings. Soccer and a 3rd sister to contend with for time/attention. So when the girls said they didn’t want to do a project this year, we sat them down, made sure this was their final decision and that there wouldn’t be any meltdowns. Then we breathed a sigh of relief.

Fast forward a week, they’ve been sucked into doing a project with a friend. With one week until the deadline. A week of board meetings for me, softball practice and games and soccer. It’s been a bit of a source of stress, to say the least. But today is the day projects are due, so I guess the worst is behind me.

Except I just know they are going to get to school, see those kick-ass projects that the parents worked on and bitch at me for not doing that.

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7 Responses to The Science Fair

  1. SO agree with you on this. Even if my kids get mad at me, it’s not MY job as parent to do their projects FOR them or WITH them. No matter how hard it is to watch them NOT doing them and knowing how they’re going to react when they see the other kids stuff.

  2. OMG, I am totally dreading this stage. Like quivering in fear of science projects. Not the actual project (my kid loves science) but the report and display (my kid is allergic to homework). Good luck.

  3. Trish says:

    Ugh. Maybe this will have killed it for future years for us. I can only hope. I’ve been told by parents of older kids that it only gets worse each year.

  4. Shannon says:

    It can be awesome. They are so proud of themselves afterwards. Especially if you let them do the work. You will find tons of projects that parent’s have done and scrapbooked. I mean why bother. What do little kids learn when they watch their parents make a pretty backboard. I say zero. Judges are not big fans of those projects from my experience.

  5. Trish says:

    With my kids it’s like pulling teeth to get them to do any work, though! That’s what drives me nuts. If they enjoyed it and would do the work without me losing my shit, I’d be ok with it.

  6. Donna May says:

    OMG! I hated science projects! I refused to do my kids’ for them and then other kids’ projects were so much better and you could tell their Mommy and Daddy did most of the work! So unfair! Seemed like my kids didn’t have a choice so I went through it at least twice with each kiddo. Hell on earth!

  7. Trish says:

    I’m so glad I am not alone in my agony! The fucking fair is tonight and I can’t wait for it to be over!