I’m seriously considering going red. In fact I was discussing it with my hair stylist/colorist just this morning.   There are a few reasons for this hair color choice.

#1 All of my girls have the  most amazing auburn hair and I’m really jealous. I want me some of that.

#2 I have a bit of red in my hair naturally and think I could pull it off

#3 In my mind I will go from this:

To this:

                                                                                                     Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

(Delusional much?)

So what do you think? Go red or no? Maybe a copper color? Auburn? Just a hint of red in the brown? Do tell! And have you ever gone red?

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12 Responses to Ginger

  1. Do it!

    I officially went red right after my 18th birthday. I’ve now been a redhead longer than anything else, and I won’t ever go back!

    And you do look a bit like Christina H in the face. The rack might cost a few buck though.

    Happy Friday, and cheers! ~clink~

  2. Shauna says:

    I think you could pull it off. If it doesn’t work out you can always go a bit darker auburn.

  3. wendy says:

    i personally love a dark reddy auburn color. think victoria principal…

  4. Trish says:

    Kerry Ann, I had the rack! I had a breast reduction a couple years ago. Ha!
    Thanks for all the feedback, ladies! I think I’m going to go for it. Exciting!

  5. Natalie says:

    It would look fabulous. I would love to, but I use hair extensions and I already dyed my hair and my extensions auburn, so I’m trying to stay the same hue so I don’t have to buy new extensions. Sad? Yes. Lame? Yes. That’s how I roll.

  6. Trish says:

    Natalie! Not sad and not lame. And thanks for saying it would look fabulous!

  7. Susie says:

    Go for it I have a friend who’s a red head I love her hair

    Just wish I had the guts to do it..

  8. Trish says:

    Susie, it’s a little scary! Such a big commitment going red. We’ll see if I actually have the guts to do it :)

  9. Jen d says:

    Honesty when I watch mad men I totally think you look like her! I vote geminas color, maybe kicked up just a bit! Go for it!

  10. Trish says:

    Thanks, Dawn! I think I’m going to bring Jemima into the salon and ask for her color :) I’m concerned the maintenance is going to be out of my budget. We shall see.

  11. Trish says:

    Jenny, that may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! I love Joan. I think I’m bringing Jemima into the salon with me and asking for a color match :)

  12. lisa says:

    I agree – you do look like her!

    Funny because we both have been fighting red in our hair for years always trying to get just brown and no red. But I am thinking this is a good idea to embrace that your hair already is a bit red but go more dramatic with it.

    Go a tiny bit more warm red though??

    As far as maintenance, I have to get my roots colored so regularly from gray that it seems like maintaining a new color is not that big of a deal anymore. Do you have to color regularly too? If so isn’t that the same then to cover gray and keep the red up? You get what I am saying. Very early here and one sip of coffee so far.


    Point is GO RED