Wha’ts with Miley Cyrus? Seriously. I’m no prude and I’m not a feminist either (before you get all offended or go off on me, I am for equal rights. For everyone, but I also think a woman should be treated like a woman), but this is ridiculous. At first I was pissed off that she couldn’t wait a few months to bring the slutty at the legal age. But now? I’m over seeing these pictures of her wearing next to nothing, flashing her crotch area and faux making out with all the chicks in her band.

Let me reiterate, I’m not prude (“I am not a crook” hahaha, but seriously,I’m not a prude). I realize performers like Beyonce dress the same in their music videos and  in concert. But Miley Cyrus is no Beyonce or Fergie or any other pop star in her 30’s. She 17 and not that talented.  And from her it just looks slutty and ignorant. Is this the only way she can get people to come to her shows or buy her music?

As a mother of daughters, I think it’s great that a young woman can have a career. But I think she should be a little more empowering of women instead of objectifying herself. There I go with the feminist lingo. Honestly, I’m all for porn and women in skimpy outfits. I love Lady Gaga and if I had her body I’d be at the ballgame in my underwear too. But this whole thing with Miley just doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t feel like Madonna or Lady Gaga. No, it’s feels sleazy. And? She’s seventeen. It’s an entirely different vibe coming from someone with more maturity. Who has been in her body a little longer and weilding her sexuality for longer than 6 minutess. It feels contrived and wrong and I can’t help but wonder where the hell her parents are.

Remember The Runaways? Now those girls were teenagers and I’m pretty sure they weren’t virgins. But they didn’t put that shit in your face.  Their sexiness was real and raw and 2nd to their performance.  They really were runaways not kids playing dress-up.  The other thing? They had talent.   They made it possible for women to be rock stars. Maybe she’s trying to distract everyone from her mediocrity with being half naked and a minor.

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3 Responses to What Happened to Hannah Montana?

  1. Nay says:

    It’s rediculously sad. Look at Britney Spears and that girl from the parent trap movies. If they really want to be rid of Disney, yes this is the way to break their contract stuff. Miley Cyrus’s dad knows the deal from the rock star stuff and he seems like he is in the backseat.

    Very sad that all the little girls will see is these 3 idiots if the media covers them glamorously like Beyonce and Gaga. My son learned lots of lady Gaga songs at preschool from the older kids.

    My little sister is going to stop him from watching most Disney channel shows as it is because all the shows are about little kids having boyfriends and kissing now. Just what I need to get my first gray hairs. Now I am going to have a girl too and will have to deal with what is cute on a little girl. After all they do make baby halters and I do remember having a shirt that you tied on and was just string on the back when I was little.

  2. malika says:

    Yu can call her that yu wouldn’t want anybody to do that to your children so don’t do it to them she a great singer like everybody else it don’t make a difference what happens in their pressional life

  3. Jackie Arango says:

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